Friday, February 27, 2009

{A desk like this}

{Molly FitzSimons}

Maybe if my desk looked like this
I would get more work done...
probably not.

Here are some links for you to feast your eyes upon this weekend...

- Wish I could throw together a party like this.
- While vintage shopping I stumbled upon these for only $3!
- A cute shop that I stumbled across.
- I might splurge on this.
- I hope to one day own a chair like this.
- I can't stop thinking about this.


Miss Giny said...

Oh it's so cute !

caseykoester said...

Ooh I love the desk! I really like the lovely couch too. I've always wanted one like that, especially in green.

Gotta admit, I've never seen Lost. I watched some of the promo stuff on the site you linked to and it looks interesting. I like the "lost on Lost" piece. It's terribly funny!

Jujita said...

Oooo I so agree.
Love the desk!
Definitely splurge on the desk!
That couch is dreamy!
And I too can't stop thinking about LOST!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Ashley L. said...

Miss Giny: I agree!

Casey: I think a muted green or a slightly bright yellow one would be perfect.

Jujita: Me too! Its so serene and studious :)

Jaimee said...

Everything is just wonderful...especially that lavendar desk! How sweet!

Blair said...

Oh, that desk is wonderful. I love all the overhead shelves! I always tell myself the same thing--that if I had a pretty desk that I would get more work done but I am pretty sure I would just daydream more:) Hope you are having a great weekend ashley.

Indie.Tea said...

The desk is just lovely. Congrats on the vintage glass find :)

Heidi said...

What a fun and appropriate post. I just started a new internship and am loving it. The only problem is that I have my own desk now and I have been thinking of how to decorate it. Thanks for the ideas.

ed said...
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