Saturday, November 10, 2007

e i g h t e e n - Green

green is the most fresh color in my opinion. it can be a sooting color or bright and energetic! its most definitely one of my favorite colors!

i really like this green wallpaper, the curtains, and the green detail on the fireplace!

beautiful green bedding!

one of the prettiest bathrooms i have ever seen. its simple yet chic!

i really like this green couch with the cute pillows on it

antique green teacups are so visually pleasing! i love this one!

i really like this green bird

this white lamp is so perfect with the green ribbon edging. so cute!

i cannot explain how in love i am with these empty white frames. my room at my parent's house is about this color green. its a bright green at night but in the day time with natural light its a soft serene green. its one of the prettiest colors in my opinion.

i love this green vase, but the scarf is my FAVORITE item in this picture. it reminds me of my green scarf from India.

these green trinkets bring such a fresh vibe to this white wall

i love vintage glass pieces. my favorite is the color of jadeite. these bowls are such a prettt example!

i know that halloween is over but these lacey pumpkin candle holders look so cute! they would be perfect in a dimly lit room.

i love these green goblets!

vintage prints are another obsession of mine! i love this bright prink against the earthy green. this is such a perfect way to brighten up any blan patterned dishtowels!

i love these patterned green plates

isn't this one of the most beautiful cakes you have ever seen? i don't care what the occasion is... i want this cake! : )

if you ever want to accent a room with flowers but your theme is green all you need is a variation of green leaves and just a couple of simple white flowers

isn't this an adorable skirt?! i love the green detail!

this HAS to be one of the cutest peacoats that i have ever seen! i would however love it to have buttons all the way down.

green paisley! loving it!

i really like this cute little flower design

this was taken in a room that i stayed in while traveling in India. me and two of my friends stayed in the 'green room'. this is a picture of the beautiful glass on the doors out to our little balcony. the hotel is actually an old british fort/palace that has been transformed into a hotel. it is called Neemrana Fort Palace. want more information? then go to this website...

this is another picture that i took a couple of weeks ago on my long walk throughout queen anne! it was such a beautiful day! aren't these green leaves amazing!?!?


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

These green leaves are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hey.. this is going to sound crazy probably, but I was searching on google for green, flower bedding, and the picture of the bedding you have on here came up.. and I LOVE it!

I'm wanting to redo my room, and I've been searching online for exactly waht I want, and that bedding is it! Lol, so I was wondering if you remembered where you got that picture? Like, what website or whatever? Because if you do and they still have it, I might order it, lol

I'm REALLY sorry that this is totally random, but I thought I'd give it a shot! So if you read this and remember and don't care to send me a message, my email is .. so yeah.. thank you! :)


Mike said...

There was a movie once where they said smart people like the color green. I dunno how try that is.